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76 Federal Drive

Jackson, TN 38305

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76 Federal Drive
Jackson, TN 38305
(731) 660-9995

Guitar Repair

At Pop's Music we can do all types of repairs in house.  If we can't do it, Butch Glover can. 

Butch's Repair Pricing:

Frets Planing/Dress Rosewood $65.95   Maple $74.95

Reseating Fret w/planing $85.95

Dress ends and Crowning $54.95

Complete Set-up $114.95 (electric)  $129.95 (floyd)  $99.95 (acoustic)

Nut Replacement $49.95 (bone)   $34.95 (other)

Bridge Saddle Replacement $33.95 (bone)  $22.95 (other)

All other repairs should be evaluated before pricing.